• Clean caravan plug and test all external lights
  • Lubricate jockey wheel
  • Lubricate corner jacks
  • Check tyre pressures including spare
  • Check tyre wear including spare
  • Remove wheel nuts, lubricate threads and tension to specification
  • Inspect brake hub for damage or irregular wear
  • Inspect brake linings and magnets for damage or irregular wear
  • Inspect, clean and repack wheel bearings
  • Inspect stub axle and replace wheel seals
  • Check suspension components and grease bushes as required
  • Adjust wheel brakes and handbrake
  • Check coupling bolts and lubricate coupling as required
  • Repaint A-frame as required
  • Test all interior lights
  • Check and test all door locks
  • Check and test all window winders
  • Check hot water anode and report on condition
  • Check water system and water tanks for leaks and report
  • Check and test batteries


$$$ Pricing $$$

Single axle Major Service $330.00 + wheel seals

Twin axle Major Service $405.00 + wheel seals


Note: Wheel seal prices range from $5.00 - $15.00ea depending on type.

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